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European Elk Found Frozen in Lake

An unfortunate end for a beautiful creature.

Inger Sjøberg, 47, was out ice skating on December 29th when she found what appeared to be an elk frozen in Kosmo lake in Valnesfjord. When she first saw it from a distance, she thought that it was just a submerged branch, or patch of grass. Upon closer inspection, she was shocked to find a massive European Elk almost completely submerged in the frozen water.

"I was out skating with my boyfriend, and we saw something dark on the ice," she told The Local. "I thought it was some wood or some grass or something, and when we looked at it, we saw that it was an elk. I have never seen it before, a frozen animal in the ice."

It's possible that the elk fell through while the ice was thinned from a warm day, likely stepping on an area and losing its footing before falling through.

"We had to go out a bit from land, so the ice was strong enough when he started to walk, but then further out it was not strong enough. It's part of nature that animals die in this way."


Elk are usually decent swimmers, but if they are unable to kick off of something or are treading water for too long they can get into trouble.

Since the discovery, the elk has become a popular destination for families with children, taking pictures with the downed animal. While we understand the curiosity, there's something a little too morbid about posing with an animal that met an untimely death, even at the hands of nature.

And so it goes...

Have you ever come across an animal stranded on or frozen in a body of water? What would you first reaction have been to this kind of discovery? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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European Elk Found Frozen in Lake