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EU Bans Ivory from Tanzania and Mozambique


European Union bans import of ivory and other elephant hunting trophies.

The European Union (EU) has banned the importation of all ivory and other elephant hunting trophies from the African nations of Tanzania and Mozambique. This follows a previous ban they already had in place for imports from Zambia.

Previously, the EU allowed up to 100 tusks a year to be imported as hunting trophies, but poachers have seized this loophole to smuggle illegally obtained ivory.

“Trophy hunting of elephants is not only senseless and cruel, it is wholly unsustainable,” Euro MP Catherine Bearder said. “African elephants could be extinct in the wild within our lifetimes. We must do everything we can to prevent this iconic species from being wiped out.”

Animal trafficking on the black market is currently a multi-billion dollar industry. Ivory is the number one item in the trade that is worth over $850 a kilogram. This has caused poaching of elephants to skyrocket in Africa.

The EU is looking into other bans as well, as they continue on their campaign to help the fight against wildlife trafficking.

Their long-term goals for their campaign is to bring environmental experts, trade officials, and police forces all across Europe together to help crack down on the ivory trade. They are trying to stop any other loopholes that the smugglers may use to import ivory and other wildlife contraband into European countries.

The Born Free Foundation has been working with the EU and other large organizations to take action before it is too late.

Will Travers, the president and co-founder of Born Free said, “Born Free is lobbying the European Union to take much needed leadership on this issue and we will now focus on ensuring the Action Plan effectively delivers better conservation of the world’s threatened wildlife.”

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EU Bans Ivory from Tanzania and Mozambique