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Estonian Forest Contains Megaphones for Mother Nature [PICS]

Tõnu Tunnel

A set of giant wooden megaphones installed in Estonia will allow outdoor enthusiasts to listen closely to the symphony of nature.

The three-meter diameter megaphones installed in the Pähni Nature Centre will amplify the chirps, buzzes, growls and other noises that often go unheard.

The piece, designed by Birgit Õigus, a student at the Estonian Academy of Arts, aims to crank up the volume of nature for those who sit inside the structures.

The megaphones are made of simple wood and nails, but they are carefully assembled, designed with the help of an acoustic engineer to ensure visitors are able to hear sound from multiple directions.

Tõnu Tunnel

Hikers can also climb into the megaphones if they have need for an emergency shelter, or even shout into one end to project their voice into the woods, perhaps to find a lost companion.

Musicians can also set up a stage inside the megaphones for a small impromptu outdoor concert.

Tõnu Tunnel

But it’s nature that will provide the greatest music of all, the designers hope. The forest has a lot to say, and with the help of the giant megaphones, more people may be inspired to finally listen.

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Estonian Forest Contains Megaphones for Mother Nature [PICS]