Estes Park Elk Herd
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Estes Park Elk Herd Shuts Down Traffic While Crossing Busy Town Intersection

No one is going anywhere until the elk have passed!

When it comes to popular Colorado tourist destinations, Estes Park is one of the most visited locations for tourists. Located in the mountains at an elevation close to 7,500 feet, the town will take your breath away. Literally. It is popular because it is close to Rock Mountain National Park. Because of that proximity, Estes Park serves as a popular place for tourists to stay while exploring the park's high vistas and spectacular wildlife.

However, one does not necessarily need to go into the park to enjoy the area's wildlife. Because elk are extremely common in Estes Park. In fact, many live right there in town where they walk the same streets as people daily.

During the fall, when the rut is on, and the animals are herding up, it is not uncommon to see hundreds at a time. Which is exactly what today's video shows. This large herd was simply hanging out in a park in the middle of town when all the animals decide it is time to cross the road. When they start moving, everything else comes to a screeching halt.

This is yet another reason why Estes Park is so popular. Estes Park is an excellent destination for your summer vacationing adventures if you enjoy wildlife like elk.

For the locals, they deal with the elk almost every day. For tourists, it is a rare opportunity to see nature meeting civilization. As you can see, when the elk herd decides to get up and move, no one is going to stop them. These animals are massive, and one can do a great deal of damage to a person or a vehicle if they choose.

The danger increases a bit during the fall months when the bulls are amped up on testosterone and eager to attack anything that moves. The National Park Service has a general rule about staying 25 yards away from large animals like elk. It is an excellent rule of thumb if you encounter wildlife outside the park too.

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