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Establish a Post Shot Routine to Recover More Game [VIDEO]

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What you do after the shot is sometimes as important as the shot itself.

Establishing a post shot routine can be the difference between a quick recovery and leaving a wounded animal in the woods.

Emotions are running high and adrenaline is pumping immediately after shooting an animal, but hunters should do their best to keep calm and react appropriately to the situation.

Follow these tips and recover more game.

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After shooting an animal remember to:

  • Stay still. Avoid spooking the animal and it will run a shorter distance before going down. You may also get a chance for another shot.
  • Mentally mark the animal’s exact location at the time of the shot. This will give you a starting point when you begin tracking.
  • Watch the animal’s behavior as it runs away. This can give you clues as to where your shot impacted.

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Establish a Post Shot Routine to Recover More Game [VIDEO]