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The Essential Airline Carry-Ons for Every Sportsman

If your next adventure requires some air travel, here are some items to make sure you include in your carry-on. 

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When's your next hunting trip? Will you be flying there?

Odds are you will, so thought it'd be wise to share a few must-haves in your carry-on, whether it's for a cross-Atlantic flight to the Scottish Highlands, or a puddle jumper flying through the Alaskan wilderness.

1. Bug Spray

The constant itching from bug bites is its own special form of torture. Don't be caught at the mercy of the insects! Bug repellant is allowed as long as you follow TSA's 3-1-1 rule. Check out this Repel 100 insect repellent.

2. Matches

Field Supply

Bringing one container of matches with you on an airplane is completely legal, but forget the strike anywhere matches. A single lighter is also permitted in your carry-on as long as it is disposable and not considered a torch. Check out this UCO Stormproof Match Kit.

3. Tools

Tackle Warehouse

The magic number with tools is 7 inches. You can bring screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and even multi tools in your carry-on as long as there is no blade. Scissors are even allowed, provided the scissor blade is shorter than 4?. Check out these 6" Carbide Steel Pliers.

4. Food

Don't forget your favorite snacks for the outdoors. You can carry-on fruit, jerky, trail mix, bars, and just about anything edible that is solid. Uncle Bucks Trail Mix will fit the bill nicely.

5. Fasteners

Paracord Survival Belt

Rope, duct tape, and zip ties have an unlimited number of uses from simple repair to safety and rescue. Luckily everything from climbing ropes to a little paracord is allowed in your carry-on luggage. Check out this Paracord Survival Belt.

6. First Aid Kits

I don't think we need to say anything else about the importance of first aid kits. Don't be without one. This first aid kit has everything you need for up to 10 people.

7. Flashlight


Bring a handheld flashlight or headlamp to light your way. Note: a flashlight is considered a tool and must be under 7?. This headlamp is rechargeable and will keep both hands free.

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The Essential Airline Carry-Ons for Every Sportsman