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The Essence of Colorado Hunting [VIDEO]

Colorado hunting trip yields a nice buck

This short film perfectly captures the essence of big game hunting in Colorado. 

A recent shoot in Colorado provides entertaining footage and showcases the natural beauty of the Centennial State. From open fields to dense stands of aspen, the scenery is spectacular.

It is Colorado after all, a state known for its awe-inspiring vistas.

If you enjoy fishing, then you can plan a great combo trip and go trout fishing as well.


The wide open spaces and gorgeous views of Colorado can ignite anyone's imagination. The Colorado hunting options and quality of the big game is excellent. The big game residing there include deer, elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, moose, and several other interesting species.

Small game abounds in Colorado, if you want to diversify your hunting trip. Best of all, the state is passionate about protecting their resources, so future generations of hunters will be able to enjoy quality hunting.

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The Essence of Colorado Hunting [VIDEO]