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Epic Sperm Whale Hunt Captured On Camera [VIDEO]

Check out this amazing footage that shows us the challenges these fishermen face during a whale hunt.

This video from BBC Earth is just a three minute clip of an eight hour battle that took place to get this whale to shore. Indonesian fishermen risk their lives to capture this massive creature, but the rewards are great. A successful whale hunt will feed the entire village for months, and by only taking a handful of whales a year, these villagers are not posing a threat to the existing whale population. They are simply fishing for survival.

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Maybe it’s the British commentary, but this video is intense. The whale is huge, reminiscent of The Old Man and the Sea. This is a traditional struggle and you just want to applaud when the fishermen all return safe and the village cheers, kids running into the surf.

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Epic Sperm Whale Hunt Captured On Camera [VIDEO]