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Epic Shot: Coyote Dropped on Dead Run at 300 Yards


300 yards and on a dead sprint. Coyote hunting brings difficult shots on the run at long distances and this shot here is pretty impressive.

Shooting targets at 300 yards can sometimes be difficult. Wind and many other things can effect the outcome. Shooting a coyote running full speed at 300 yards, that might just need a whole lot of luck and some skill.

Jeff Thomason of Predator Pursuit happened to find some luck on this day and was able to barrel roll this coyote with an incredible shot. Shooting at a running coyote at that distance sometimes seems irrational, but in this case it paid off.

We are sure that Jeff would say he gave the coyote a warning shot out of the kindness from his heart, but we all know that is not the case. We are glad he did miss the first shot, because then we would have never witnessed this epic running shot on this predator.

The coyote literally turns into a bowling ball as it rolls head over heels over five times after the impact of the shot. That is a good indicator that the coyote was flat out flying.

Pretty impressive to say the least. Find the cross hairs, lead the coyote, and squeeze the trigger, and sometimes great things will happen.

What is your farthest shot?


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Epic Shot: Coyote Dropped on Dead Run at 300 Yards