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Epic Saskatchewan Bear Hunt is Beautifully Captured on Film

Saskatchewan bear

These hunters go deep into the wilderness on a Saskatchewan bear hunt. This place is so full of bears that two showed up within 30 minutes.

Clay Newcomb, Editor of Bear Hunting Magazine, and several friends travel into the north-country of Canada to try to bag a Saskatchewan bear. The country is stunningly beautiful. It's mid-June and the adventure of being in the Canadian wilderness is overwhelming.

As Newcomb and his friend Field Editor Brent Reaves are fishing for northern pike before their scheduled bear hunt, they both remark on how incredible the experience is.


This is episode one of season 3 of 'Bear Horizon'. It's titled Big Water, an apt name as the hunters traveled 55 miles by motorboat to reach their base camp. Kolby Morrison of Bear Pro Safaris likes to get as far away from other hunters as possible. I'd say traveling 55 miles by boat is pretty darn far.

Once there, the blind and bait locations were accessed from a mile to twenty-five miles away by boat.

Newcomb arrived at his location, one where Morrison had earlier been driven off the bait - and before they could finish building the blind - by a 400-pound bear. This time, in fact, they didn't even have a chance to finish building the ground blind because of bears showing up.

The guys began to put together the blind but only got partway through the process when a sow bear appeared at the bait barrel. Soon after that a larger boar appeared and claimed ownership of the bait. The hunters hadn't been there for even thirty minutes.

Fortunately they had the cameras set up when Newcomb decided to take the big Saskatchewan bear. He made a great shot and the bear ran around 120 yards before dropping.

While the bear wasn't the 400-pound giant that Newcomb originally thought, the bear green scored 18 4/16. A heckuva bear regardless.

Now check out this excellent film of another bear hunt by the Gritty Bowmen.

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Epic Saskatchewan Bear Hunt is Beautifully Captured on Film