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Epic Rut Brawl Between Two Whitetail Bucks [VIDEO]

Two whitetail bucks are caught on video in an epic brawl that will leave you shaking your head.

In a great fight between equally matched bruisers, an eight point and a boss ten point battle to the finish. These two big boys throw down like a couple of top UFC contenders.

This is the best antler crunching, ground thumping, and buck grunting fight video that I’ve seen in some time. It’s a wonder that these tremendously strong animals don’t get their antlers locked more often. The sheer power in their legs is enough to put a bulldozer to shame.

This video makes me want to climb a tree, pull up a gun, and then load it.

Every single day.

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Epic Rut Brawl Between Two Whitetail Bucks [VIDEO]