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Epic Playtime: American Truck vs. German Anti-Tank Gun

anti-tank gun

Have you ever wondered how a truck would fare against an anti-tank gun?

You’re in good company, because these guys did too. Unlike most people though, they actually had access to an anti-tank gun to test it out. Sounds rough, huh?

If you were a betting person, do you think the truck gets completely demolished or stands up to the challenge? Check out the video below to find out.

Well, is that how you thought the American truck vs. German anti-tank gun battle would go down? I was honestly shocked that the F-150 was mostly still in one piece after receiving a round like that through the grill. Built Ford Tough, indeed! Granted, you’re definitely not going anywhere with that truck any time soon either.

The German Pak 40 is a whopping 75 mm anti-tank gun that lives up to its reputation. Watching the slow-motion shots really show how much devastation this thing causes.

The Pak 40 was used heavily by the Germans and their allies during World War II, and almost always was in a towed form like in the video above. It was proven effective against most Allied tanks throughout the war. For some context, most M4 Sherman tanks utilized 75 mm main guns throughout WWII, as well.

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Epic Playtime: American Truck vs. German Anti-Tank Gun