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Epic One-Horsepower Wakeboarding Session

When it comes to wakeboarding, few people can get it done with just one horsepower!

Modern wakeboarding often involves high powered boats designed specifically for generating speed and the desired wake. It is not often that you see someone able to get buy with just one horsepower and no boat.

Feast your eyes on how these folks pass the time when they can’t escape for a day on the lake.

Now there is something that you don’t see everyday. I love how as they get moving it seems they are both surprised at how well things are working. The wakeboarder even throws in a few tricks to make things more interesting.

Towards the end he yells to the rider on the horse to go even faster and ultimately exceeds speeds in excess of 20 mph. It is pretty amazing what some people can think of if you put them in the right circumstances. These guys get a A+ for redneck ingenuity.


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Epic One-Horsepower Wakeboarding Session