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Epic Mule Deer Sparring Match Goes On and On [VIDEO]

Watch this epic mule deer fight, and you’ll be out of breath by the end.

I have seen a few different buck fights in my time while afield.

This next video is unlike any I have seen before. I have watched bucks fight for a couple minutes, but not for over four. Steve Alderman uploaded this video, and we’re glad he did.

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You could see there for a while that it didn’t seem like either of these bucks wanted to give up any ground. It almost looked as if they were locked up, but we could see a few separate times that they pulled apart from one another.

Videos like this are just another way to pass the time while we wait for our next deer hunting season to get here. Have you seen anything like this?  Were you lucky enough to capture it on video?

Share with us your favorite memory so that we all can pass the time until our next hunt in the comments section.

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Epic Mule Deer Sparring Match Goes On and On [VIDEO]