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Epic Life Or Death Battle: Deer Vs Coyote [Video]

deer vs coyotes

Amazing footage of deer vs. coyote battle to the death.

Coyote behaving like a wolf pack? Deer kicking their own fawn? This an intense and unusual deer vs coyote battle. The only way to find out who wins is to watch the video by Tines Up:

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In this video, the large number of coyotes work together to get around the herd of deer protecting their fawn. Just when you think the battle is over, the coyote come back to finish it!

Injured fawns have a better chance at survival if they stay put, which is why you see the deer kick it to keep it down. In the end the coyote, being higher up on the food chain, ultimately wins.

Feature coyote image via Wikimedia Commons and deer image via Wikimedia Commons.

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Epic Life Or Death Battle: Deer Vs Coyote [Video]