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Epic Kill Shots with Spear and Bow by Tim Wells and Family

This epic compilation of kill shots with a spear and bow will you get you fired up to try it yourself. Some of these are nuts!

Tim Wells has wowed us with spear and bow shot skills for years. This video is no different. Tim, his family, and crew lay down some serious footage of epic shots, shown one after another in this awesome video.

Spear and bow hunting offer many challenges that draw so many to partake in the sport every year.

Getting close enough to an animal that you can harvest them with a spear or bow is an absolute adrenaline high and it in turn provides you with some amazing experiences.

The moment you throw the spear or release the arrow, the rush is like no other according to Tim. Here’s some killer clips of spot and slocks taken from various hunts over the past year or so from Relentless Pursuit.

You name it, it probably dies in this video. Fish, deer, hog, raccoon, sting ray, spider, duck, and the list goes on. Possibly one of the most epic and wide variety kill shot compilations you will ever see.

If you have ever attempted hunting with a bow or spear, you know just how difficult some of these shots are. Duck on the fly with a bow? Are kidding me?

Tim is a legend with stuff like this and this is one more video that is proof.


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Epic Kill Shots with Spear and Bow by Tim Wells and Family