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Epic Hunting Film Shows What We're Searching for in the Wild [VIDEO]

When we head into the wilderness, many of us are searching for trophy animals. Some of us are searching for something inside ourselves.

In this amazing film by Leica Hunting, Mark Seacat takes to the backcountry in search of a mature bull elk and finds out what is really important in life.

The camera work and editing on this piece are phenomenal and we get to tag along as Mark goes Searching for West.

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Seacat's experience mirrors that of many outdoorsmen and women who struggle to balance time with their families and their passion for the outdoors. In the end, after weeks of hard hunting, he decides to return to his wife and son.

Mark Seacat grew up in a hunting family. His mother was hunting while he was in the womb. I am sure his son West will have some amazing wilderness experiences with his parents, but for now a romp around the backyard with dad pulling the sled is more up his alley.

Did your family members introduce you to hunting? How did you introduce your children to hunting and the outdoors? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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Epic Hunting Film Shows What We're Searching for in the Wild [VIDEO]