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Epic Great White Shark Breaches off African Coast [VIDEO]

Filmed off the coast of Africa, this footage of great white shark breaches took weeks upon weeks to compile and all you have to do is hit play. 

Over the course of two summers, Mark van Coller and Morne Hardenberg spent hours dragging a decoy seal behind a boat and filming great white shark breaches.

Shot between June and August of 2013 and 2014, this epic compilation demonstrates the raw power of the great white shark.

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Filmed on location in False Bay, Cape Town, this video was mostly shot just after sunrise. This time of day makes the foam rubber decoy seal more visible from the depths of the ocean. Van Coller and Hardenberg used a shark cage driving boat, which is known to entice the great white sharks.

This footage may have looked pretty easy to shoot, but the quality of this video can only be achieved if the conditions are right.

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Epic Great White Shark Breaches off African Coast [VIDEO]