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Epic Fox Hunt Ends with Incredible Recurve Bow Head Shot

Watch this fox hunter call one close and score with an archery head shot.

Hunters from all over are picking up the bow and arrow and continuing the tradition from long ago. With the explosion video recording devices we now have access to more hunts than ever, and get to see what some people are really capable of with a bow and arrow. A few of these folks can really shoot, and have developed unique skills with their weapon of choice.

It takes skill to shoot a bow, particularly a traditional bow. Combine that skill with the know how to call predators close, and you have the stage set for an exciting predator hunt.

Watch this quirky Australian bowhunter capitalize on a fox hunt with a clean archery head shot.

What a shot.

Ethically speaking though, a head shot is extremely poor. Archery head shots are some of the absolutely worst shots an archer can take. Once in a while a guy is lucky, or skilled, enough to pull one off. However, had this fellow missed by only an inch or two, and it may have resulted in a severally wounded animal unable to be recovered. Even in a predator hunting situation an unrecovered animals is a disaster and should not be taken lightly.

That being said, it is difficult to judge the shots of a fellow archer. Each shot is unique and very skilled archers can pull off amazing shots that would be disastrous for less skilled hunters. I suppose if this gent can consistently pull off these shots, who is to say they are unethical in his case.

Even though archery head shots like this result in quick and clean kills, less skilled archers should be encouraged to wait for shot opportunities that provide the best possible chance of success: broadside and quartering away shots.



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Epic Fox Hunt Ends with Incredible Recurve Bow Head Shot