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Epic Brawl 2015: Bear Fight Caught on GoPro [VIDEO]

Watch as these two bears battle it out in the woods.

It's not every day that you get to see a bear fight unfold right before your eyes. It's an even rarer occasion to catch it all on video.

Reconyx Game catches the whole brawl on camera with their GoPro and shares the amazing footage with online viewers. Watch as these two bears re-establish their role!

Cameras are usually set up from multiple different angles to help monitor habits and behaviors. These bears were recorded batting and biting at each other for a solid 20 seconds.

Though we can't confirm who won this battle due to the cutoff in film, I am assuming the black bear wanted out of this fight after being brutally shoved and bitten. He backs away while batting at his opponent. I even bet he was pretty grateful that the tree was there for him to hide behind while this young grizzly walks away in victory.

Chris Keefer, co-owner of Rusted Rooster Media, was sitting only 20 yards away watching the whole thing happen. Another video from a different angle shows Keefer sitting up in a tree in the background and was posted to his Facebook page.

That is some major power right there and I most certainly would not want to get in the middle of that.

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Epic Brawl 2015: Bear Fight Caught on GoPro [VIDEO]