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This Epic Blackfly Swarm Will Make You Cringe [VIDEO]

When you see what this epic blackfly swarm does to these fishermen you’ll run for the bug spray even if you’re inside.

It’s bad enough when we’re fishing in the spring of the year and the only hatch we can see is the one that wants to bite us.

It’s worse when you’re in a tippy canoe trying to troll and that same swarm is trying to carry you off.

Blackflies are one of the most heinous things we have to deal with as outdoorsmen.

While they don’t carry disease, they will relentlessly try to eat you to the bone as these two Canadian fishermen found out.

A headnet was a must for these guys!

While a good insect repellent will work, it always seems that when the blackflies emerge in the spring, they won’t stop until they’ve had their fill of you.

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This Epic Blackfly Swarm Will Make You Cringe [VIDEO]