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Epic Black Drum Caught While Kayak Fishing [VIDEO]

Watch as two intrepid kayak anglers take to the open seas for giant black drum.

Matt and Dave Lusk, of Salt Minded Fishing Charters, uploaded this great video of themselves fishing of the coast of Cape Hatteras in early May of this year.

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Taking advantage of some beautiful weather, the two guys run into a pod of dolphins before finally casting to a school of huge black drum. It doesn’t take long for both of them to be hooked into some great fish.

After battling the fish and finally tiring them out, the anglers are able to both pull their catches into their pedal powered kayaks for a closer look.

Judging by their reactions while battling the drum and after finally landing them, it is safe to say it was a great day spent on the water.

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With that kind of beautiful weather it’s not likely anyone would have heard them complaining even if they got skunked that day.

Have you ever been in a kayak in the open ocean? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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Epic Black Drum Caught While Kayak Fishing [VIDEO]