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Epic 14.8-Pound Walleye Caught in Lake Erie on Film

Lake Erie just produced another giant walleye. 

Luckily for us, cell phone cameras, handhelds, and even music devices all take really great videos. More and more outdoorsmen carry these devices with them when they are on the water or in the woods. This couldn’t have worked out any better recently when a group of buddies had an absolutely epic day on Lake Erie. The whole thing culminated with a 14.8-pound walleye in the boat, all caught on camera.

It takes a lot of luck, or a great deal of skill, to boat over 40 walleyes in one day. Now, just imagine if most of those fish were over eight pounds, and even a couple ten pounders as pointed out in the below video. Then, the fishing trip was kicked up a notch when fish number 41 was hooked.

Just watch and see for yourself.

Yep. Wow. I believe that is a fishing trip that will rank right up at the top of all fishing trips for these guys. What’s even more incredible about all of this is that it was done in just five hours on the water.

Lake Erie is just about to turn on fire for another year of great walleye fishing. If this video is any indication, it’s probably time to start hitting the water.



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Epic 14.8-Pound Walleye Caught in Lake Erie on Film