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EPA Can’t Regulate Lead Ammo [PICS]

Lead ammunition has been a hot button topic in the field of environmental politics. 

A federal court recently decided that the Environmental Protection Agency does not have the power to regulate lead ammo.

According to reports, a lawsuit brought to a federal appeals court that would grant the EPA power to regulate lead ammunition was denied. This lawsuit would have given environmental groups power to use the EPA to regulate hunting ammunition. This would ultimately lead to the ban of lead ammunition.

Environment advocacies argue that lead poisoning may occur in wildlife or in humans who consume wildlife shot with lead ammunition. Fired lead projectiles were cited as the source of such lead contamination.

“As numerous recent studies have concluded, many gut piles are full of tiny, highly toxic fragments of lead from rifle bullets, which are all too often ingested by the animals that eat the entrails,” according to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

These gut piles are from hunter-harvested deer that have been left outside for the predatory birds and animals to feed on.

Fishing sinkers are also a cause for concern for some who say any lead is too much lead. Lead is a naturally occurring element, but in large concentration can be poisonous.

For now, hunters will be allowed to keep using lead ammo, regardless of the EPA regulations.

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EPA Can’t Regulate Lead Ammo [PICS]