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Do You Have Enough Ammunition for Dove Season?

ammunition for dove season
Top Shot Chris Cheng

Dove season is just around the corner, do you have all the ammo you need to hit your limit?

When Labor Day weekend rolls around in the South, you know that it’s time to break out the dove rounds and brace yourself for an intense long weekend of bird hunting (and hotly defending your allegiance to your favorite ammunition for dove season).

Check out Chris Cheng’s action-packed dove hunt in Mexico, ridiculous!

For all of the bird hunters heading out this weekend to get their limit of dove, be sure to load up on plenty of shells before hitting the fields. If you’re looking to knock down more birds this season, definitely consider trying out the Hevi Dove round from Hevi Shot. Strategically designed to pattern well for fast flying doves, this round will definitely help put more birds in your vest at the end of the day.

dove hunting, hevi shot, dove season
Hevi Shot


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Do You Have Enough Ammunition for Dove Season?