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Enormous Florida Python Captured by FWC Officer

Image via MyFWC

The Florida Python Challenge is still underway in the sunshine state, and this wildlife office would be winning if they recognized such a thing. 

A Florida python of epic proportions has been wrangled out of the swamps. Coincidently, this giant snake was captured by a Florida wildlife officer which unfortunately disqualifies him from the current Python Challenge already underway.


As seen on the MyFWC Facebook page:

(Python) Challenge Accepted
Although our personnel can't win any prizes during the 2016 Python Challenge™, bragging rights may well go to an FWC officer who was patrolling on Monday, during the first weekend of the Python Removal Competition. The officer found a large Burmese python sunning itself on a levy in the Rocky Glades Small Game Area/Python Challenge Area. The 16' 10" python was humanely euthanized and turned over to an FWC Python Challenge™ drop-off location so that scientists can collect valuable data from this snake. Individuals and teams can still sign up for the Python Removal Competition in south Florida and have a chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes while helping to conserve our greater Everglades ecosystem.Watch for competition updates on the Python Challenge page every Tuesday and Friday!

The record Florida python to ever come out of the state was an incredible 18 feet, six inches found in 2013 when a man beheaded it with an ATV.

Either way, this recent snake is one huge reptile.

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Enormous Florida Python Captured by FWC Officer