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Endangered African Wild Dogs Massacre Kudu Cow [VIDEO]

Extremely Rare & Brutal Footage of Endangered African Wild Dogs Killing Kudu

African wild dogs are some of the most brutally effective predators on the continent, as they demonstrate here by killing a kudu cow and eating her alive.

Recent tourists to Kruger National Park in South Africa got to see the incredibly rare sight of a pack of endangered African wild dogs chasing down, killing and eating a kudu cow.

African wild dogs are extremely intelligent animals and work cooperatively to kill their prey, which results in high success rates on hunts.

However, their primary method of killing large prey (repeatedly biting the legs, belly and anus), though extremely effective, is pretty brutal.

WARNING: This video contains very graphic content.

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This is just another reminder that life in the wild, especially in Africa, can be short, brutal and violent.

Compared with this, death by a hunter’s bullet seems pretty tame.

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Endangered African Wild Dogs Massacre Kudu Cow [VIDEO]