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Emergency Gun Maintenance in the Field

These items will keep your firearms in tip top shape while in the wild.

Problems may arise in the field that we need to address with our firearm or our hunt will be over. Here is what you should bring to fix most emergencies with our firearms.

Gun oil wipe down cloth

This will wipe those salty fingerprints off the finish that will cause rust if left there. There are many offerings available for this product and here is a personal favorite available from Cabela’s.

cabelas cloth


Cable cleaning set

While out in mud and snow, there is a good chance mud may get stuck in the end of your barrel no matter how careful you are. You must clean it out or upon firing your gun, the barrel may burst! This can all be avoided by carrying the neat and handy cable cleaning rod kit made by Otis, also available from Cabela’s.

cabelas cleaning kit

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Lens care set

Scope care is also a necessity. If dirt, mud or snow get on the lenses, it will need to be cleaned correctly or you may scratch it. The Zeiss Lense Care Kit will take care of the cleaning, and for hunters that use glasses such as myself, it will clean and fix those too! It can be bought from Cabela’s online.

cabelas zeiss kit


Screwdriver set

The final product that is gold in the woods during a loose screw emergency on a scope mount or firearm is a good all around gunsmithing screwdriver set. Do not bugger up those screw heads with your pocket knife; use the right tool made for them! Gander Mountain carries the Wheeler Engineering 28 piece gunsmithing set that is nice and compact.

gander mt - driver setWith a small kit of these tools, and perhaps your owner’s manual for your weapon, most firearm malfunctioning emergencies can be addressed and fixed with little effort, saving the hunt.

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Emergency Gun Maintenance in the Field