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Elusive Wildlife’s XLR 500HD: An Outstanding Hog Hunting Light

Mike Reeber

When it comes to nighttime hog and predator hunting, being equipped with an outstanding hunting light is going to give you the edge you need to drop game dead in their tracks.

We’ve all been through the gun light game before. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve stood at my local sporting goods store with two different lights in my hands trying to figure out which would be the absolute brightest. Unfortunately, time after time and purchase after purchase I was let down in the field. All I found was that I owned another gun light that just didn’t reach out beyond 100 yards and was made from nothing more than camo plastic.

The truth is that many gun lights are poorly constructed all the way down to the roots. Cheap materials and sub par bulbs and filters will never add up to give you the power that you need in the field. Fortunately, the stellar team over at Elusive Wildlife have constructed one of the most serious hog hunting lights available to diehard hunters today, the XLR 500HD.

Elusive wildlife, hunting light, xld 5000HD

The brand new XLR 500HD is the latest from a company that understands that having maximum power in the field and zoom focus is just as critical as having your scope zeroed in.

The Body

Out of the box, the XLR 500HD is impressive due to its weight, tough finish and rugged feel. Simply put, this light is rock solid all the way around and it’s clear that you won’t have to worry about breaking due to weather or from a good whack on a rock. The body is sturdy, yet relatively lightweight and balanced which is critical when mounting to a scope.

The push button power control on the rear cap is oversized and made of rubber, which makes handling really easy, even with the heaviest of gloves on, something that winter hunters definitely appreciate, myself included. Alongside the push button switch is a covered port that accepts Elusive Wildlife’s pressure switches, which can be easily mounted to your weapon of choice. I chose to mount my pressure switch on the front portion of my stock for quick access when my rifle is shouldered.


Sure it’s true that all lights start off pretty bright, but a light’s brightness is only as good as the battery that powers it. By unscrewing the back cap you’ll be able to access the battery area which houses one of the supplied Kill Light 18650 lithium rechargeable batteries.hog hunting light, hunting light These batteries will undoubtably last you all night and then some. At home, simply plug them in to the wall charger and in the truck you can charge the light directly from the rear port on the back of the light using Elusive Wildlife’s auto charger.  So there should never be a reason to have a dead light!

After a night of hog hunting and a few nights of predator hunting, both batteries still had plenty of juice left in them and never showed an ounce of weakened power.

hunting light batteries, xld 5000HD batteries

Bulbs and Brightness

The bulbs that Elusive Wildlife provides with this light are far superior that any other light that I’ve had the opportunity to take out into the field, bright is simply an understatement. Available in white, red and green these bulbs are easy to change in the field by twisting off the front lens of the light. hunting light, light bulbsOnce installed and turned on, the 500HD comes equipped with a zoom focus feature that hog and predator hunters will absolutely drool over. As hardcore night hunters know, though several species of game cannot see certain colors and often times brightness and glare can be detected.

Thus, hitting a coyote square in the face with a beam of light light will end up sending them running and you’ll wish that you had the ability to have a wider angle glow from your light. When making long distance shots the tight beam of light really comes in handy and makes looking through your scope feel like daytime, really incredible.

Adjustable Zoom

The zoom feature on this light is comparable to a high end rifle scope, smooth turning with very little pressure and it’s all thanks to the superb threading internally. Speaking of threading, this light comes apart really easy by unscrewing the back battery area and front lens in case you every need to give it a good cleaning.

Did I also mention that it’s whisper quiet to adjust? For wide angle scanning, all it takes is a couple of short twists and for a tight laser like beam, a few twists in the opposite direction will have you casting light out to around 500 yards, seriously 500 yards. Depending on the game that you’re after and the environment that you’re hunting in, it’s a real pleasure to carry one light into the field for both scanning and shooting. You can now leave that giant spotlight behind!


Pressure Switch

Another feature that’s available for this light is a cord pressure switch that includes a brightness adjuster, both unique and extremely functional. Once plugged into the port on the rear of the light, you can easily control the 500HD while looking down your scope at your target. When using the brightness intensity control, the light can be easily dimmed or intensified in just a few seconds without spooking game.

Hunting light, xlr 5000HD, savage rifles

Weapon Mounting

Mounting the 500HD to your weapon is also hassle-free with the mounting system that’s available for this light. Easily attachable through a picatinny rail mount, you can honestly move this light from gun to gun in a matter of seconds, allowing you to own one light for all of your firearms.

For weapons without a picatinny rail there is a scope adapter available that fits 1 inch scope tubes. Best of all, the adapter is adjustable to direct your light beam exactly where you need it down range. Once mounted on my rifle, it took no more than a few seconds to adjust the light beam exactly where my scope was pointing. hunting light, gun light mount

Overall Thoughts

When you put all of the components together, you’re left with a hunting light that outshines, outperforms and can withstand the harshest conditions unlike most of the competition. It’s no secret that Elusive Wildlife put this light through a seriously rugged test before making it available to hunters.

Truthfully, there’s not one feature on this light that needs enhancing, fixing or modification. In my opinion it’s the only light that you’ll ever need whether it’s mounted on your firearm or used to scan fields from a vehicle. The XLR 500HD is a superb choice for serious nighttime game hunters.

Simply outstanding!



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Elusive Wildlife’s XLR 500HD: An Outstanding Hog Hunting Light