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Elusive Fisher Cat Caught on Trail Camera [VIDEO]

Secretive by nature, the fisher is a small carnivorous mammal many have never witnessed in the wild. This close-up trail camera footage gives you a first-hand look.

I spend a lot of time in the outdoors. But for all of the miles I have hiked, I have yet to see a fisher in the wild.

Setting out to change that last winter, I strapped a trail camera to a tree near a spot where fresh tracks had been found.

I hit pay dirt on the very first night!

An agile climber, the fisher prefers to spend a majority of its time on the forest floor, foraging around fallen trees.

Its main source of food is the snowshoe hare, although it is one of the few predators able to prey on porcupines successfully. Studies show that fishers will make repeated biting attacks on the face of a porcupine and kill it after about 25–30 minutes.

Now that would be something incredible to see!

Keep your eyes peeled for a fisher the next time you hit the woods. They are an animal that is bucket-list worthy!

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Elusive Fisher Cat Caught on Trail Camera [VIDEO]