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Elusive Elk on the Loose in Waco, Texas [VIDEO]

The search is on for an elusive bull elk roaming the streets of Waco, a town not used to seeing such wildlife.

Police and zoo officials are still searching for a male elk in Waco, Texas, after reports and some raw footage came out from folks around the Central Texas town.

Check out the bull in this raw video.

As of Wednesday morning, the elk had yet to be tranquilized and captured after a near miss by zoo personnel.

One officer that had the elk somewhat cornered early in the morning mentioned it was as tall as a six-foot fence nearby, and the video seems to back that claim up.

It’s not known where the elk came from, and Waco police, officials from the Cameron Park Zoo, and Texas Game Wardens will continue the search.

Elk once roamed parts of Texas, but aren’t known to exist naturally there anymore. High-fenced hunting ranches and exotic game farms are home to plenty of them, however.

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Elusive Elk on the Loose in Waco, Texas [VIDEO]