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Elk With Baby Swing Stuck in Antlers Spotted in North Carolina

A large bull elk has been wandering around a North Carolina town with a swing stuck in its antlers.

The Forbes family has always enjoyed seeing elk in their nursery outside of Haywood County, North Carolina. Last week, one elk stood out from the rest though; out in the distance, they spied what looked like a baby swing/chair stuck in its antlers.

Most elk in this area of North Carolina have a collar from the reintroduction of elk into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This elk, unfortunately, is not collared, and will have to be found via tips or sightings received by the state wildlife commission. Justin Mcvey, a wildlife employee, is set on closing this case:

“If I can locate it, I’m going to immobilize it, pull the swing off, saw its antlers off just so he can’t get into trouble again and then put a GPS collar on him.”

Mcvey is familiar with most of the elk in the area, particularly one the community has named “Jeffrey.” Jeffrey seems to be somewhat of a trouble-make, crashing into play sets and taking down cables with his own impressive antler rack. The elk Mcvey is seeking appears to be a different bull than Jeffrey, though.

As the season wanes antlers will start to drop, so whether or not the elk is found Mcvey assured viewers that he will be out of his misery soon enough.

Have you ever spotted an elk or a deer with something stuck in its antlers?

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Elk With Baby Swing Stuck in Antlers Spotted in North Carolina