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Angry Elk Tries to Challenge Red SUV [VIDEO]

Elk Tries To Ram Car On City Street

This big bull elk was a little agitated by all of the cars driving around him and his lady friend. Watch as this elk tries to ram a car on a city street.

It appears as though this herd of elk was hanging out in a city park somewhere in the western part of the United States.

Well, a certain big bull elk did not take too kindly to all of the cars driving around on the nearby street.

He must have thought that the cars were threatening to him or his cows, so he decided to take out his frustration by trying to ram a car in the middle of the street.

Did you like how the guy in the SUV rolled up his window after the elk started charging the car?

That will teach you to mess with a bull elk’s cows!

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Angry Elk Tries to Challenge Red SUV [VIDEO]