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‘Elk Talk’ from Randy Newberg Aims to Put You on an Elk This Fall

This elk hunting web series will help you draw a tag for your western elk hunt.

Randy Newberg, host of television’s “Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg” is a man that makes his living hunting wily public land animals in some of America’s wildest places. No high fences, no guaranteed hunts, just “boots on the ground” determination and a level of DIY resourcefulness that has kept him in the field filming as many as 13 hunts per year.

Randy and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation have teamed up to produce a weekly web series called “Elk Talk” which provides the DIY hunter all the tips and tricks needed to draw a tag, plan a hunt and find success when in the field.

There are few guys out there with such a thorough understanding of the very complex, and at times rage inducing application processes involved in getting a elk license for a western state. The series gives self-guided hunters a weekly dose of elk hunting information, guidance from experienced hunters and focuses on the multitude of challenges that comes with finding elk on public land.

A really fantastic group of episodes is online right now that covers the individual strategies needed to be successful in drawing tags in the states of Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Colorado and many more. For those planning their own hunt, the series is an extremely valuable tool to point you in the right direction.  Good luck this season in finding your own “fresh tracks.”



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‘Elk Talk’ from Randy Newberg Aims to Put You on an Elk This Fall