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Elk Season is Underway and Action Like This is What You’re Missing [VIDEO]

If you have never been hunting during the peak of elk season, you are missing out. 

Elk season has started with a bang for the 2015 season. Thousands of hunters have taken to the mountains all over the western states in hopes of taking down one of the largest North American land animals. Year-long preparations and a lot of practice go into every hunt. If you have never taken part in this incredible hunting experience, you are missing out.

In this jaw dropping video, a huge bull elk comes in bugling hard and it’s all caught on video. Even through video footage, you can feel it in your stomach when this elk screams at the tops of its lungs.

Even though these hunters didn’t get a shot, this kind of experience is what brings elk hunters back again and again.

For most elk hunters, it’s the entirety of the event, not the act of harvesting, that makes memories. It’s the climbing of mountains, scouting, comradery, and the attempts to out-think the elk that makes each hunt special.

It might already be a little too late this year to take part in the 2015 elk season, but right now would be a good time to start making plans for next year. Maybe you could encounter something like the guys in this video did.

Memories like that last a lifetime.

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Elk Season is Underway and Action Like This is What You’re Missing [VIDEO]