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Elk Bugles in Suburban Colorado Front Yard [VIDEO]

Think your alarm clock is annoying? Try waking up to a bull elk bugling in full rut outside your bedroom window.

In this Youtube video posted by Sukey Masha, love is in the air and everybody can hear it with an elk rut. The elk rut is essentially the mating season and these guys aren’t quiet about it.

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Most sportsmen and women would love it. These elk have made themselves quite comfy in the Ranch Meadows area of Colorado.

You think about whitetails when you think about wild animals invading the suburbs, eating from birdfeeders and sipping from birdbaths. This “neighborhood watch” group of elk is a little more intimidating and much more vocal.

How many hunters have been drawn to hunt and walked the soles bare on their boots in search of Colorado elk such as these “city bulls?” You also have to wonder where the law stands on removing “pet elk” waste from sidewalks and who has to ultimately clean up after these animals…

Imagine bowhunting from the breakfast nook? Bagging a mature bull and packing it all the way from the backyard to the freezer in the garage. Sounds like my kind of neighborhood.

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Elk Bugles in Suburban Colorado Front Yard [VIDEO]