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Old Bull Elk Beats Two Younger Elk in Epic River Fight [VIDEO]

He may look his age, but don't underestimate his brawn.

We're told to respect our elders, but out in nature age is but a number - what matters is strength.

Check out this video of two elk fighting caught by a deer hunter.

From the beginning you'll notice him. His rack a massive ornament testifying to his years of knowledge, his slight hobble (likely due to another bout), and his confidient, shrill cry. He descends into the water with his challenger in an almost poetic manner before engaging in battle. Watch for yourself below:

Just as he finishes off one challenger, another appears and attempts at herding the cow elk. The old sport won't have it though, and the second buck is much smarter than the first, taking the older bull's warning call as enough of a reason to get the heck out of there.

Take a look at this young bull elk that got close enough to headbutt a wildlife photographer.

Elk may be some of the finest big game we have the ability to hunt here in America, so it's always incredible to get such an up close and personal look at their daily lives. Big thanks to Yellowstone Media for the footage.

Have you ever seen an elk encounter like this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Old Bull Elk Beats Two Younger Elk in Epic River Fight [VIDEO]