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Elk Records for the Past Season

A few elk records were overtaken this season, here’s a highlight reel.

While North America is mostly ruled by whitetail hunting come the autumn time, those who are lucky enough to live in a region populated by elk have other – and in many cases bigger – fish to fry. Many states only distribute elk hunting licenses through lottery systems, so when a chance to hunt the behemoth beasts comes, hunters are already over the moon. Scoring a record-breaking bull only sweetens the deal.

Just as 2013’s deer hunting season saw a few records and notable kills, the elk-hunting season was eventful and marked by some truly enormous bulls. Check out some of the biggest achievements below.

Typical record broken in Saskatchewan

Some hunters claim that, to find the biggest bucks or bulls, the best thing you can do is leave the United States and grab some hunting time in Canada. Anyone looking for proof of that point in 2014 will likely point to a kill made by the Martinson family of Saskatchewan.

Martin Martinson, one of the hunters behind the kill, was ecstatic when he discovered that he and his wife had landed tags for the September elk hunting season. He knew the opportunity might not come again soon, and made the most of it by recalling a spot where he’d seen monstrous elk 15 years earlier. He hadn’t been allowed to point and shoot that time, but he was allowed to do so this time, and got the chance when a massive 400-inch bull crossed his tracks on opening day. The bull, confirmed at 398 5/8 inches, is the largest typical elk ever killed in Saskatchewan.

Minnesota monster

Speaking of 400-inch bulls, a Minnesota man scored a record of his own back in October. With a non-typical antler rack of 6×7 and a net score of 391 6/8 inches, the bull handily beats the previous state record elk of 371 6/8 inches. That particular bull was harvested back in 1996.

Archer strikes solid gold in Arizona

Casey Brooks, a professional bowhunter and a member of the Hoyt Archery professional team, has scored something like 60 bull elk kills in his career, and he’s still to this day raising the bar. In fact, he’s seen so many that when he headed out for a hunt in Arizona’s San Carlos Reservation this past September, he passed on a bull that probably would have measured 400 inches in length.

That’s not an opportunity that many hunters wouldn’t choose to take advantage of, but Brooks was rewarded for his patience: when the hunter chose to play the bedding area later on, he sighted five more bulls of varying sizes. When the sixth emerged, he decided it was time to loose an arrow.

After being almost run over by the bull, Brooks and his guide, Delray Smith, followed the bull to where it had collapsed and admired the kill. The original gross score was 448 inches – an almost unprecedented size – with a massive spread of 10×10 antlers to sweeten the pot. Even for a hunter like Brooks, the kill will probably forever rank as a career highlight.

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Elk Records for the Past Season