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Elk Puts Hole in Colorado Family’s Car Door [VIDEO]

It’s September, the elk rut is in full swing. That could be why this elk charges a car in Estes Park.

Those out west and who have been around or even hunted these majestic creatures know the story. A family was visiting Estes Park, Colorado this weekend and found out firsthand.

The family went with intention of watching the elk. The family, led by hunting dad Matt Dixon, had the windows down, listening to the bugles when they stopped to watch the elk. Then this happened:

The bull came out of the woods and up to the car before lowering its head and driving its tines into the door. A side mirror was ripped from the car as well as a huge gash in the panel. Luckily, a support brace caught the tine before it made it through the door and into the driver.

Dixon is an avid hunter, who has the trophies to prove it. Elk are his favorite species to chase, “I hunt about 30 days a year.” Dixon said.

“He came up from here and just started charging at us as he came, we were trying to keep our distance. You know, we don’t want to teach the kids like, ‘Oh you go up to them and take pictures. They’re wild animals,’” Dixon said.

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Elk Puts Hole in Colorado Family’s Car Door [VIDEO]