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Hunter May Lose Leg to Bullet That Saved His Life From Grizzly Bear Mauling

Darrell Orth/Metro Calgary

The bullet that saved a Canadian elk hunter’s life from a grizzly bear attack may end up costing him his leg.

On Oct. 12, Wilf Loyd and his son-in-law Skeet Podrasky were blood trailing an elk in the mountains near Fernie, British Columbia when a grizzly bear ambushed Loyd.

The bear pinned Loyd to the ground, biting his arms and reaching for his neck. With the grizzly bear on top of him, Loyd called out for Podrasky to shoot the bear.

Podrasky had three rounds in his rifle and fired all of them, hitting the bear twice.

The bear retreated, and Podrasky rushed in to check on Loyd. The second round had pierced Loyd’s leg. That’s when the bear circled back for more.

“I only had three bullets — I was out,” Podrasky told Metro Calgary.  “Then, the bear proceeded to charge again. It came right at us.”

Podrasky grabbed Loyd’s gun and fired off the finishing blow just in the nick of time.

“The bear was definitely going to finish him,” Podrasky said. “…After that, I didn’t know what was going to happen. It was surreal.”

Loyd, a 55-year-old professional taxidermist, was airlifted to a hospital in Calgary where he’s undergone two surgeries since the attack. His doctors are considering amputating his injured leg.

He has every reason to be upset about the leg that he might lose. Instead, he says he’s grateful that his son-in-law saved his life.

“There’s absolutely no way I’d be here if Skeet hadn’t been there,” Lloyd told the Calgary Sun. “There’s not many times in your life you get to meet an actual hero — and he will always be my hero.”

Loyd’s doctors expect he’ll remain in the hospital for a few months for more treatment. Friends and family have already raised more than $23,000 in an online fundraising campaign for Loyd’s medical costs.

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Hunter May Lose Leg to Bullet That Saved His Life From Grizzly Bear Mauling