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Elk Carcass Becomes Prize as Wolves and Bears Clash [VIDEO]

This amazing footage captures a pack of wolves and sloth of bears clashing over an elk carcass.

This beautiful footage provided by Animal Planet on their show Viking Wilderness, follows a rather resourceful pack of wolves running wild around a sloth of bears that has their eyes on a fresh elk carcass. The bears are hoping the carcass will become a hearty, and much needed meal, which can be hard to come by.

Both groups initially spy the potential meal due to a flock of ravens who are circled in over the carcass, and move in slowly. The bears become so dependent on their brute force, and suffer from their inability to work together as a team, that the much more nimble and light wolves literally run circles around them to steal the carcass away as confusion reigns among the bears:

Here are some more great videos and pictures of wildlife

Just goes to show that the strongest guy on the block isn’t always the most effective. Sometimes speed can kill.

And earn you a nice evening meal.

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Elk Carcass Becomes Prize as Wolves and Bears Clash [VIDEO]