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Elk Battle on Playground is No Child’s Play [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen two elk truly duke it out?

A family in Banff, Canada captured this video of two elks battling on a playground and the end result is remarkable.

The older elk, tangled in the swing set, tries to defend itself from a younger buck, confusing its helpless stance for a fighting one.

As Good Samaritans attempt to interject to give the older elk time to free itself, the fight continues.

Ranger Moffet points to the important fact that though elks’ racks are deadly weapons, bulls tend to avoid battles because win or lose, they can expect to be injured in the process.

Thankfully, locals say the older elk made a full recovery the following year, which is nothing short of miraculous!

Would you intervene in an elk battle of the fittest?

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Elk Battle on Playground is No Child’s Play [VIDEO]