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Elk Are Attacking People in Colorado [VIDEO]

Hand to hand combat with an elk is where we have to draw the line. 

Apparently, something has the elk around Evergreen Lake, Colorado all angry and upset with the human population. In these recent videos showing elk attacking people, there is a pretty strong reminder to keep your distance from wildlife.

Even though elk may look docile and friendly, they would more than likely stomp a hole in your face faster than you can say, “Look, it’s just a baby!”

Fortunately for the people in these videos, these were just signs of defense and not full on elk stompings. If that was case, things sure would have turned out for the worse instead of a funny video.

If you needed more proof, here is the same stretch of land with the same elk, later on the same day. Props to the camera man for warning everyone to stay away from the elk…

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Elk Are Attacking People in Colorado [VIDEO]