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This Elite Series .223 Ammo Can Penetrate Almost Anything

This DRT Terminal Shock Elite Series .223 ammo will penetrate almost anything! 

Supposedly this DRT Terminal Shock Elite Series .223 ammo is barrier blind and produces a lot of kinetic energy when shot. It is a 79 grain bullet, so it is large which, in turn, produces such mass amounts of energy.

The shooter in the video uses two different rifles, which we will look at in a bit, to shoot into several different objects to see what kind of penetration the .223 shell produces.

The ammo is a lead-free fragmenting projectile which is why it’s supposed to be barrier blind, and the host of GY6 tests the ammo through FBI grade ballistic gel, wood, shirts, concrete, meat and a windshield to see if that proves true.

The round can shoot at 2,600 feet per second and was tested through two guns. The first is a Remington bolt action 700 5R with a 20 inch barrel and 1/9 twist. The second is an AR-15 with a skeletonized drum magazine that can hold 50 rounds.

As the video shows the round penetrates the gel, wood, shirt, meat and windshield with no problem, however, it was only able to penetrate one block of concrete instead of two which is just as impressive.

Some of the specs for the rifles used in this video are as follows: carbon fiber hand guard, EBCG and dragon muzzle brake, adjustable gas block, 3.5 pound single stage flat trigger, scorpion pistol grip, razor red dot and many others that are in the description section of the video.

So whether you are planning on hunting big game or just shooting for recreational purposes this round is sure to get the job done!

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This Elite Series .223 Ammo Can Penetrate Almost Anything