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11-Year Old New Jersey Hunter Bags 502-Pound Maine Black Bear

Portland Press Herald 

A sixth grader shoots a large black bear, reminding us of how little we've accomplished today.

An 11-year old boy from New Jersey shot and killed a 502-pound Maine black bear, according to the Portland Press Herald.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

A sixth-grader, Steven Myers Jr., from Steelmantown, New Jersey went out on a typical morning hunt with his father, brother, grandfather, and others when his team of hound dogs sent the giant black bear into the trees.

Bruce Myers, the 11-year-old's grandfather and a registered Maine Hunting Guide, was responsible for tying the hound dogs off once they were sure the bear was not getting out of the tree.

Steven was carrying a .35 mm Remington rifle. He fired one shot, hitting the bear in the chest and killing it.

Dennis Hoey of the Portland Press Herald interviewed Bruce Myers; "I've been doing this (bear hunting) for 35 years and this has got to be one of the most exciting days of my life... To kill a bear that weighs 502 pounds, that's pretty special."

It's approximated that the family will get 150 pounds of bear meat from the kill.  They will give the hide to a taxidermist and have something done, possibly a rug.

The record for a black bear is 699 pounds. The state's bear biologist, Jennifer Vashon stated, "It sounds like the experience of a lifetime for the boy."

Currently, the Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting is attempting to ban bear hunting with hounds, bait, or traps.  They have gathered more than 78,000 signatures.

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11-Year Old New Jersey Hunter Bags 502-Pound Maine Black Bear