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Lucky Elephant Saved After Poison Dart Attack [VIDEO]

This elephant was saved from a tiny poison dart that caused a huge infection.

This elephant was saved just in time. This huge infection could have meant the end of its life.

Be prepared for some distressing scenes, but keep in mind this giant mammal made it out alright.

WARNING: Graphic content. Viewer discretion advised.

My jaw dropped when I saw how small the poisoned arrow was. I couldn’t believe that an arrow that small could cause that much damage. This elephant is extremely lucky that this wildlife crew found it before it was too late.

The amount of pus and infected tissue that was removed made my stomach turn. Blow guns are definitely an effective way to kill an animal. While it isn’t the quickest way, it will definitely do the job.

Lets hope these men did a good job cleaning the wound and that the green clay works like magic.

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Lucky Elephant Saved After Poison Dart Attack [VIDEO]