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Elephant Crashes Tourists’ Dinner in Zimbabwe [VIDEO]


These tourists have a close call with an elephant they won’t soon forget!

What do you do when a big bull elephant decides to crash your dinner party? Watch and see what these guys did!

So clearly, the “stay really quiet and hope you don’t startle it” method didn’t work out here! Yikes! Clearly they didn’t want to spook the large animal, but it got offended by them just the same.

Based on other elephant attack videos I’ve seen, I don’t think the elephant put all his effort into this attack. If it had, these guys may have gotten more severely injured. It looks like the elephant just decided to throw them around and give them a little scare!

Youtube user knockbaun, who uploaded the footage said one of the men was injured by the tusk, although the severity of the injury was not specified.

These guys were really lucky. What would you do with an elephant sneaking up behind you?

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Elephant Crashes Tourists’ Dinner in Zimbabwe [VIDEO]