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Electronic Trigger Allows Rapidfire .22 Shooting [VIDEO]

electronic trigger

A .22 rifle with an electronic trigger will add a new element of speed to your plinking.

Every shooting enthusiast enjoys pulling out their old (or new) .22 rifles every now and again for some good, old-fashioned plinking. They are affordable and just a plain blast to shoot.

Add an electronic trigger to that equation, and the fun level gets even higher.

Check out this video to see just how fast you can squeeze off .22 rounds.


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The gun in this video was designed by Electronic Arms, which is a commercial products arm of Vadum, Inc. Vadum is an electronic warfare research and development company.

An electronic trigger may one day be commonplace on both civilian and military weapons. Only time will tell for sure, but the technology is certainly intriguing to say the least.

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Electronic Trigger Allows Rapidfire .22 Shooting [VIDEO]