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Electrofishing Takes Care of Troublesome Bottom Feeders [VIDEO]

A pond owner uses electrofishing to clear his murky pond of bottom feeding fish.

The angler in this video used to have a pond with crystal clear water. However, when a variety of bottom feeding fish found their way into the pond, the water quickly became murky. The culprits, including carp, roach, and bream, stir up the pond’s silt as they feed.

Electrofishing proved to be a great method to assist the pond owner in restoring his pond to its former glory. The electrofishing unit being used in the video is a Samus 725mp.


The pond owner, who goes by the YouTube name Pondguru, reports that the electrofishing has been a success and that the water is beginning to clear. All the netted fish were relocated.

The owner wants to introduce trout once the water has finished settling.

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Electrofishing Takes Care of Troublesome Bottom Feeders [VIDEO]