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Electrofishing: Neat Trick or Weird Cheat? [VIDEO]

What is electrofishing? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

So, we’ve seen kayakfishing, handfishing, drone fishing, dog fishing, toddler fishing, but now:


First of all, what is it?

Electrofishing is the practice of using low to medium currents of electricity pumped into the water to stun or kill fish. It’s actually a pretty common practice among researchers, who tag the stunned fish for research. It’s making a bit of a splash (so to speak) in Chinese Mudfishing as well, and now, as you’ll see in this FromField2StreamTV video, it’s hit the U.S.

For better or worse.

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Yes, commercial electrofishing is now a thing. Instead of your rod and reel, you can hit the streams with a BackPack Electrofisher that weighs more than 70 pounds, you have to wear special gloves, and it doesn’t have a price listed, so you can bet it’s super affordable.

Traditionally, there are actually boats purpose-built for electrofishing, but they’re used by fisheries to take samples and keep track of fish, because when done properly, electrofishing stuns fish without harming them.

So you can either scoop up fish and eat them, saving yourself the trouble of having to…well…fish…OR you could tag and release fish to grow larger and tastier to be caught properly.

So what do you think? Cool new tech, or unsportsmanlike fishy business?

For our money, we’ll take our good-old analogue rod and reel.

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Electrofishing: Neat Trick or Weird Cheat? [VIDEO]